As customers look to engage and connect with your bank or credit union, they’re looking for you to make that process as easy and convenient as possible. And these days, you need to look at your online and mobile banking services as a core service, not an added convenience. You need to specifically look at what your mobile banking app offers, as your customers are looking for full control of their finances at their fingertips. Users expect features like being able to check their balances, make a loan payment and transfer funds between accounts. But for a personalized experience, here are some other features you should be looking to offer.  

Key Mobile Banking App Feature #1: Card Control 

Your customers use their debit and credit cards to make a majority of their purchases now. They’re convenient, accepted by almost all retailers, and make it easy to track purchasing. Integrating card controls into your mobile app to give your customers more independence when managing their cards should be a top priority. Card control capabilities should include: 

  • Turn the card on and off in case the card is lost or stolen 
  • Set spending limits for individual cards 
  • Enable alerts for each card 

Key Mobile Banking App Feature #2: Check Deposit 

Many mobile banking apps still don’t offer this feature. Many people don’t want to stop into a branch office to deposit a single check, so giving them the ability to make deposits from your mobile app is a feature they’ve come to expect. Give your users the ability to snap a picture of the front and back of an endorsed check and choose where funds should be deposited.  

Key Mobile Banking App Feature #3: Specialized Offers 

You should tailor the mobile banking experience to each customer’s needs. Within your mobile banking app, you should showcase specialized offers for each client. These can include: 

  • Alternative credit cards 
  • Deposit specials 
  • Loan consolidation/refinancing options

These offers can be tailored to the unique needs of each individual customer when they’re logged into their mobile banking app. It offers a personalized touch that shows your bank values the relationship you’ve built with each customer. 

Marketing Your Mobile Banking App 

If you’re looking to market your mobile banking services, forbinfi can develop a strategy to connect you with your customers. 

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